Sunday, January 25, 2015

Christmas Crafts. am I a little late, or just very early? I'll never tell!

So every year for about the past five years, I've been making my mom a stand-up, desk top calendar for Christmas.  I give it a different theme every year, and she loves them.  My dad passed away almost 19 years ago, at the age of 64, from mesothelioma, and my mom misses him more every day.  Some calendars I've made with just photos of him & her, some of her & her family from when she was a little girl all the way to the present, some of just her children (including me, of course!), and this year's was a montage of Christmas photos from my mom's single days, to the present.  

I also wanted to make her something different this year, and when I saw all the glass block art people were doing, especially with the Cricut, I knew I had to try it.  I bought the new Cricut Explore back in September, but hadn't really had time to use it much.  I didn't need it for my project, as I printed the photo I used on vellum, and attached it to the inside of the glass block.  Some folks were etching the block first with the frosted sprays, then cutting their photo out in vinyl after turning it into a stencil type black & white photo. Those look really fantastic, but I didn't have time for all that, as this was a last minute project, which I'm famously known for doing.  Last minute that is, not this particular project! 

I think it turned out great, and my mom loved it!  This was a photo from around the time my mom & dad got engaged, about 60 years ago.

I also had to finish up these Christmas stockings for my newest grandson, Lucas.  My mom loves to cross stitch, and had made up the stockings over the past year.  She doesn't sew though, so I did the linings and backings.  At the age of 81, my mom is still an amazing counted cross stitcher.  Her work is so pretty, meticulous & neat.  Her backs look almost as good as her fronts.  She's been having a lot of numbness and pain in her right hand though, and she is right handed, from a compressed carpal tunnel nerve.  She had surgery on December 19th to release the nerve, but her hand is still very numb, so she is unable to cross stitch at this time.  Her doctor said it could take up to six months to see improvement.  She's very bored without her cross stitch, so please say a prayer if you will, that her hand improves enough that she can continue to do what she loves best.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Life on the farm, three month novella!

Hey everyone!  As usual, I've been slacking on the blogging again.  Things have just been a crazy whirlwind around here, so I'm going to try to do the short & sweet condensed version.  It seems we were getting ready to start fall decorating at the time of my last posts, and now here we are decorating for Christmas!  Good thing I don't get paid for writing blog posts.  I also had written another update to my Sisters, Sisters Disney trip report, a trip that took place two years ago.  Since that time, I've taken three more Disney trips.  One with my bff, Kathy, in May of 2013, which was an AWESOME trip, one in October 2014 with 19 members of the family (that trip was crazytown in Disney World), and our most recent trip was this past September, which was suppose to be for twelve glorious days with my husband, with my brother & sister-in-law coming for 5 days mid-trip.  It ended up raining every day, and I'm not talking the normal 3pm Disney afternoon kind of rain, but an all day, windy, dark sky kind of rain, for all twelve days.  Sometimes a rainy day in Disney is not better than a sunny day at home!  I also tore my calf muscle on that trip, and ended up in Celebration's ER.

Rainy Epcot
On the crafty side of things, my daughter, sister, and bff started up our weekly Monday night craft nights.  Last year I taught my sister to knit, which was no small feat, considering she is left-handed, and I'm right.  With the help of You Tube, we somewhat succeeded, LOL.  Since she's still working on the same scarf from a year ago, sis has decided to give up on knitting, and go back to cross stiching & crewel work!  Sis also saw on Pinterest a pic for a deco mesh wreath that she loved, so we decided to go for it!  I ordered all the supplies, and we had a blast making them.

My darling daughter

Yours truly

My bff


Daughter's wreath

My wreath

My bff, Kathy, & I also took a 3 day trip, in September, to one of our very favorite crafty places, Lancaster, PA!  Usually we go camping there every year with a bunch of other friends, taking two RVs (our version of camping), but this year it seemed no one could coordinate their schedule, so just Kathy & I went.  We decided to go the luxurious route this time, if you can call staying at a LaQuinta luxurious, haha!

And we're off!

Our friend, Tiffany, met us at Kitchen Kettle Village, to spend the day.
If you've never been, and are in the Lancaster, PA, area, you should take
the time to visit.

Happy girls shopping!

So many pretty things

Kathy taking a rest from all our hard shopping

Dinner Time at the Fireside Tavern.  First time eating here, and it
was great!  It's right near the Rockvale Outlets, for inquiring minds.

Our shopping continued on our second day

More pretty things at the Flower & Home Marketplace in East Earl, PA.
You've got to see this place to believe it!  

We've been going to "In Gradma's Attic" for years.  Love it!  The
owner is so sweet, and she has some great merchandise.  There is also
lovely gardens, and a barn out back with even more goodies.

We had our first annual Harvest/Pumpkin Carving Party here at the farm!  The weather was great, cool enough for an outdoor fire, but warm enough to enjoy the day & evening.  The little guys loved every minute of it, including getting dressed up, and decorating their own pumpkins!

Four out of our five grandsons were at the party.  Our
oldest grandson, Jaxon, was at his dad's for the weekend.

Gavin having more fun painting his fingers!

So serious!



To top off our exciting adventures this fall season, we got a puppy!  I didn't feel that I was really ready for one yet.  Our golden, Winnie, has been gone for a year and a half, so that wasn't it.  I just wasn't sure I wanted to deal with a new puppy, with all the problems I've been having with my knees, not to mention the grandkids are all still so young, so we're doing a lot of running around with them.

Needless to say, my misgivings were overruled.  My husband went to our local Tractor Supply three weeks ago, and they were hosting puppies from a rescue.  Hubby took a pic of this adorable puppy, and asked what I thought.  I said we'd think about it.  He ended up having to go back the next day for more supplies, and this particular puppy was the only one left of the group.  Apparently, she was from a litter that was being fostered in South Carolina, and the rescue lady was going to have to bring her back there this week.  Well, we couldn't let that happen, could we?  I present to you, Sadie.  Her foster name was Cassie, but we felt she looked like a Sadie.  Her mom was rescued too, and is suppose to be half Husky, half lab.  Sadie looks like she may have some shepherd, and possibly golden in her also.

This was the pic hubby texted me from Tractor Supply.  Look
at that face!  How could I say no?

She's home!

Aren't I adorable?

All tuckered out from the excitement


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sisters, Sisters, December 2012 Walt Disney World Trip Report, Day 2, Part 3...Margaritas & Martinis

Oh my gosh, I'm a bad bad Trip Reporter. Six months since my last update!  At this rate, I'll finish in about twenty years, LOL! This is ridiculous! If I don't hurry up, I'm going to be in a nursing home, senile, writing about someone else's TR, in my head!

So we left off leaving Camp Minnie Mickey, and headed back to the Boardwalk to rest up before our dinner at San Angel Inn. You know us oldsters need our rest.

Some pretty Boardwalk Christmas decorations for those of you who may not have seen them yet.

It was pretty chilly this night in December, as you can see by my sister's clothing. At least I'm assuming it was, going by her marshmallow jacket. I think she just wanted to wear her sparkly scarf! And there she is by the jewelry again! If you're ever in a store, and lose my sister, you'll know just where to find her. 

We were at one of our favorite Epcot pavilions, Italy. Don't you just love the masks? Wouldn't it be cool to go to a masked ball, and dress in fancy gowns! I really miss "Masquerade", don't you? I found a youtube video for those who have never seen it.

Onward to Germany. I guess we took the long way around, coming from the International Gateway, to get to Mexico. Don't you agree it's shorter to head to the left from the IG when going to Mexico? I guess my sis was in a shopping mood, and tea & maple syrup weren't on her agenda.

We're here! Looks like my sis is enjoying her martini!

No trip to Mexico would be complete without taking the Grand Fiesta Tour, now would it?

Oooo, more shopping, Mare!

Of course, after the margarita & martinis, notice I said margarita, singular, my drink, and martinis, pleural, my sister's "drinks". Now she was too tired to stay for Illuminations. What!!! Okay, we'll go back to the room. 930pm, and Mare is all tucked in for the night.

Guess I'll read the Disboards for a while before going to bed. I should have been already writing my Trip Report if I was a good Disser!