Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's A Lovely Night...

...for rocking on the front porch, watching the sun set, while sipping a cup of coffee, hanging out with Sienna & Sammy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Everybody's Gone Surfin', Surfin' USA!

My daughter's boyfriend, Pat, is an avid surfer, so of course I had to go with that theme for his birthday cake.  Cool, isn't it?

Awesome birthday cake made by our local Shop Rite
Wes helping Uncle Pat blow out the candles

My beautiful daughter, Lauren, and her equally beautiful boyfriend, Patrick

Happy 28th Birthday, Pat!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

158 Days 15 Hours 20 minutes until Christmas!

Who's getting ready?  Got this lovely photo from the Hallmark Channel's Facebook page.  They've already started a countdown to their Christmas movie season, which starts on Halloween!  Makes me panicky, as I still don't have my craft & sewing rooms completely set up to start working on my projects.  

Friday, July 18, 2014


Neighbors, Laura & Frank, came over to introduce themselves & welcome us to the neighborhood, with a yummy homemade plate of pizzelles.  How sweet is that!                                                        

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Bit of Sunshine

Came home from taking my mom to her doctor's appointment, & then food shopping, to find this beauty waiting for me!  What a nice surprise!  A very sweet friend of the family sent them as a housewarming present.  Made my day!       

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Every ducky needs a pond...

So we've been at the farm seven weeks now.  Hubby has decided we need a pond in the backyard. These photos are in random order, as for some reason, when I uploaded from my phone, they didn't post in the order I took them, and I can't figure out how to move them around.

Along with our house, came a barn, seven chickies (we're down to six, since one, Mrs Patmore, has since passed, and we have no idea why.  She was extremely overweight and could barely move around though), one lame duck (we have no idea what happened to him, but he has a deformed foot, and falls a lot, and now hangs with the hens), and two outside kitties, Sienna & Sammy!  We knew the former owners were leaving the duck and hens, but did NOT know they were leaving the kitties.  :( 

Apparently the neighbor was to take ownership, and the responsibility of feeding & caring for the kitties, but guess what?  The kitties weren't aware of that!  All they knew is that this is THEIR home! Every morning I would wake up to both of them on our front porch staring at the front door.  After a few days of that, I started to feed them.  They are now ours, lol.  

My indoor kitties, Charlotte & Talle, aren't very happy about this situation, but what can I do? 


If they sneak a peek at them out the window, they immediately start hissing like their life is being threatened.  

For outdoor cats, Sienna & Sammy are extremely lovable.  My heart breaks for them.  I wish I could let them in, but then my Talle, who constantly tries to escape outside, wouldn't understand why he isn't allowed out, when Sammy & Sienna are.

I'm researching outdoor shelters for them for the winter, and, of course, we have the barn.

Here are the darlings.
Sammy is the black & white, & Sienna the dark

And now for some chicks, duck and pond pics!
Violet, the moody fluffy gray hen, has become broody, so we have to lock her out of the coop for several hours every day, so she'll get off the eggs, and go eat & drink!  We think she is a "Silkie", and they are know to go broody.
Mrs Hughes & Violet 
Lady Edith, Carson the lame duck, and Lady Mary
Mrs Hughes, Carson, Lady Mary, Isobel, Anna & Lady Edith.  Eveyone is in this shot except for Violet.
Hubby working hard.  
Random wildflowers growing here and there
Can't wait until we can sit here in front of the fire, listening to the waterfall flowing into the pond!
Not bad for a half a day's work so far!
Old McDonald (oops, I mean middle aged Harry) had a farm!
Carson is always by Lady Mary's side!